Modulz March update: Image/SVG support, sortable property rows, stroke panel, pre-built layouts

Colm Tuite

2 min read

This is a juicy release! Lots of exciting new features and usability enhancements. And of course, we've sent out hundreds of invites.

Image + SVG support

You can now drag+drop, or paste images and SVGs directly onto the canvas.

Dragging SVG icons directly into a Modulz artboard.

Selectable + sortable property rows

You can now select property rows, then drag+drop to sort them. You can also copy/paste them across elements.

Selecting, sorting, and copy/pasting property rows.

Stroke Panel

There's a brand new Stroke panel, with support for color and thickness on independent sides.

Styling border sides independently with the new stroke panel.

Text tool improvements

Working with text just got a whole lot easier. While focused inside one text element, you can now focus another with a single click.

Selecting text across multiple text elements.

Pre-built layouts

We've pre-built some common layouts to help you hit the ground running.

Inserting pre-built layouts into a Modulz artboard.

Copy/paste styles and code

You can now copy/paste styles from one element to another. This is a powerful feature.

  • Copy styles as regular CSS.
  • Copy styles as CSS with object syntax.
  • Copy the JSX tree of an element, or even an entire artboard.
Copy/pasting styles from one element to another.

Alt + drag duplication

Hold Alt + drag to duplicate an element.

Dragging an element while holding Alt to duplicate it.

Coming soon

Every 4–8 weeks, we'll release a blog post outlining major updates and new features. Next time, you can look forward to:

  • Grid tool.
  • Position property panel.
  • OpenType font features.
  • Dark mode.
  • Interactive components with integrated Radix Primitives.
  • Theming and token customisation.
  • Local and custom fonts.
  • Tons of core experience enhancements.

Want early access? There are 6000+ people on our waitlist, but each month we're releasing hundreds of invites. If you join our waitlist, we'll let you in asap.

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